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Bar-Fab of Florida, Inc.
 Rail Division
Ornamental Rail and Miscellaneous Aluminum Products
What We Do

>Commercial railing fabrication and installation

>Professional, in-house Autocad submittal and shop drawings, sealed P.E. drawings, experienced design team

>Experts in Florida Commercial and Residential Building Code

>D.O.T., A.D.A. compliant

>Fully Insured and Licensed in Florida
Bar-Fab Railing Products:

>Stair, Wall and Balcony Rail

>A.D.A. Ramp Rail

>D.O.T. Rail






>Screen Walls

>Fence and Crowd Control Barriers

>Awnings and Covered Walkways

>Shutters and Decorative Grilles

>Bike Racks and Benches
School Specialists

In the past 5 years we have built and installed railings on over 40 schools in the Tampa Bay area.  Bar-Fab of Florida Railing Division is proud to be a part of the excellent educational structures in Tampa Bay.
Our Bar-Fab Railing Team
Our experienced Shop Team includes certified welders, skilled cutters and meticulous grinders and finishers.  Before our finished products leave our shop they are inspected to insure that only the highest quality product is installed.  It takes effort and attention to detail to assure that our products are fabricated and finished to the exact specifications of the job.  Our shop team is integral to our success and they have proven that they are up to the challenge.

Our Install Team arrives on the job ready to work.  They are experienced in the installation of all types of railing as well as trellises, bollards, gates and many other ornamental products.  The Install Team is responsible for the placement, fastening and aesthetic value of the installation.  They work diligently to complete the job to our customer's satisfaction and take pride in the quality of the product in the field. 
Why Aluminum?

Aluminum  does not corrode in a harsh  environment. Most of South  Florida's outdoor applications are built using aluminum because it is durable in salty, wet, hot and sunny environments.


Bar-Fab Railings primarily works with aluminum.  However, we have expertise in several other materials.  Go to our Material page for information on our materials and to view a sample of the work we've done in each specialty.  

>Stainless Steel


    Visit our Finishes page for information on:

    >Powder Coating Finish
    >Mill Finish
    >Anodized Finish